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Pricing new builds

When the client won’t pay for a quote

December 8, 2019

So you have spoken to your client who wants you to price their build for them, and you have told them you would like to outsource the pricing and you’d…

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Commercial Tendering Overview #5

December 1, 2019

What’s the purpose? So, you know why I am telling you all of this, right? Yep, it’s because there will be nuggets within this formal process of tendering that you…

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reno pricing

Commercial Tendering Overview #4

November 24, 2019

Here to help If you are sick of hearing about commercial tendering now… and you think it sounds like too much work, you know where a group of geeky QS’s…

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Commercial Tendering Overview #3

Commercial Tendering Overview #3

November 17, 2019

Following on from the last blog I’m so aware that the idea sometimes of receiving a pile of paperwork with some plans requesting a price can be really daunting…. And…

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Commercial Tendering Overview #2

Commercial Tendering Overview #2

November 10, 2019

Volume 2 of Vic’s commercial past One of the reasons I want to share my commercial tendering experiences with you is because there is a lot to be learned from…

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commercial tendering

Commercial Tendering – Overview #1

November 3, 2019

From Past Experience You guys may be aware by now that I started out life as a junior QS at a large construction firm, and it was my job (among…

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Quoting-Cost-Opportunity Cost-Free

The Opportunity Cost of Quoting

October 27, 2019

Quoting work isn’t free – no matter who does it. You have probably read about this topic before from me, but I thought it was high time I dusted it…

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Drawings - Salary – Cashflow - Accountant

Drawings or Salary???

October 20, 2019

Brenton from Tax Matters Talks I am a chartered accountant and insolvency practitioner and I have helped lots of businesses with working cashflow pressures and liquidated companies who can’t survive…

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