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Don’t chop your margin!!!

August 18, 2019

It’s not a bargaining chip! Why is it that every time I hear a builder trying to make the budget of a project work for the client, the first thing…

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The New Zealand Building Economist

August 4, 2019

Builder Dick Willson, the Apprentice’s Champion Dick Willson was born in Napier 1932, not long after the Napier earthquake, to a father working in demolition and rebuilding work. Dick could…

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Builders taking a stand on pricing…

July 28, 2019

Do you know what’s exciting???? How many builders are truly considering the cost of pricing when dealing with clients. A few years ago, the concept was completely foreign. Builders were…

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My home reno #8

July 21, 2019

One of those really tough days Its been a rough few weeks at the reno….. our lovely pup who was the best friend of all the tradies (especially those who…

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RedIQ pricing workshop

Our Last Pricing Workshop….

July 14, 2019

Last Stop Ashburton! You have probably heard by now that I’ve been racing around the country doing seminars for builders teaching them how to price….. OMG – they are seriously…

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Managing Client Cost Expectations

July 7, 2019

When a homeowner comes to you and they want a new home or a renovation to their existing home… it’s a big deal for them. I think sometimes when we…

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Labour Charge Out Rates

June 30, 2019

Labour charge outs will differ depending on if you pay your guys on wages or on contract rates, and what those paid rates are. So how do you manage a…

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Margin – how much should you charge?

June 23, 2019

Recap on Margin vs markup I’ve talked about margin before… and I want to talk to you about it again. You know from reading earlier blogs the calculated difference between…

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