Lean building methods…

Oh, I am ALL about those. Especially when I’m the bill payer!!!!

Because we have such a lot of renovation to do, and a budget to be mindful of, taking care of waste around the place has been super important.

What I’ve learned as we have been travelling through the process of our build, is that it isn’t just important to have the builder on board with spending a little bit of extra time planning so that waste is minimized, it is also important to make sure any sub-contractors that come onsite understand that too.

Rip, shit and bust is not what you want when you are trying to be frugal!

The way I see it, lean building methods (aka lean construction principals) come in a few different shapes and sizes;

  • The obvious one, is materials. We have a stock pile of anything leftover as we go that gets tidied up and put in a neat organized pile in the garage each night so we can find things when we need them. By tucking them away nothing gets damaged by the weather and having a single place where everything is kept means that anyone looking is going to one place which saves time. You would put the cost of this tidy up each day in your P&G for a job. Allowing half an hour each day for an apprentice to do a site tidy is perfectly reasonable, and it also keeps your clients happy as they aren’t tripping over things that have been left lying around!
  • The use of materials is also a big one. Spend a bit of time planning what’s going where, plasterboard is a great example. It is a great way to make sure that you are using everything the best possible way. You don’t want to create a patchwork quilt so the plasterer shakes his fist at you, but you do want to be mindful of what you use and how you use it before going and ordering another trailer load of materials that you might not need. If you have measured your labour correctly using labour constants, there will be enough time on each job to plan you use of materials. Remember if a job is particularly tricky, or the plans are incomplete that you allow extra site management time for design on your P&G to cover this work!
  • Adopting value engineering principles is another awesome way to be mindful of budget…. No doubt you will have had a client before who wants to achieve a certain aesthetic however does not have the budget to match. A bit of front-end design and input from the clever builder with their awesome problem-solving ability can help turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse without all the cost. I have spent many a productive evening working out canny ways to get what I want in my budget!!!

Lean building method In Action

Check out the pic of my EPIC blockie’s handiwork… if that isn’t an example of lean building I don’t know what is!!!

Lean building methods

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