Are you a builder who…
Quantity Survey Workshop Quantity Survey Workshop
Quantity Survey Workshop Quantity Survey Workshop
Quantity Survey Workshop Quantity Survey Workshop
Quantity Survey Workshop Quantity Survey Workshop

If you’ve answered YES to any of the issues above, don’t worry, you are not alone. The vast majority of builders struggle with these same issues too. However, smart builders seek advice from quality mentors, because truth be told, there is another way. Keep reading to find out more…

2020 Workshop location details

Wednesday 25 March

Crowne Plaza Christchurch

764 Colombo Street

Thursday 2 April

The Hotel Nelson

40 Waimea Road

Wednesday 29 April

Novotel Ellerslie
71 - 112 Greenlane East

Thursday 21 May

Classic Flyers
6 Jean Batten Dr
Mt Maunganui

Thursday 11 June

Kingsgate Hotel Dunedin

10 Smith Street

Wednesday 29 July

Novotel Rotorua Lakeside
Lake End
Tutanekai Street

Chris Donnelly - Chris Donnelly Builders

"Quoting was a long and painful process that I avoided, since the Pricing Seminar I've gone from sub $20k charge up projects to larger renovations and I've got two new builds coming up. I have no doubt its because of the training I got at the seminar"
In this Pricing Training You Will Learn in ONE DAY How to:

Calculate Your Margin correctly, and Margin VS Markup


Calculate P&Gs (or On-Site Overheads) for Each Job


Cover Your Off-Site Overheads including how to get paid to price jobs


Decide on a Labour Charge Out Rate (Pricing Your Labour)


Include the right Tags and Clarifications in Your Quote, and how many of these there should be


Write a Tender Letter that Covers You


Process Variations and Progress Claims


Measure: the ASNZ Standard Method of Measurement, both how and why it is used


Build Up Rates


Measure Labour on Each Job

We have a minimum of 5 people per seminar and a maximum of 12, so you know it will be a small group, and you can get all YOUR questions answered on the spot.
Extra Bonus For LBP's
For Licensed Building Practitioners the added bonus is that our workshops officially cover your CPD points requirements for your LBP license.
The Perfect Pricing Guarantee.
We promise to teach you not only how to SAVE $1,000's but to also MAKE MANY MORE $1,000's per job in the next 12 months or your money back
Quantity Survey Workshop Quantity Survey Workshop
One Day Pricing Education for Self-Employed Builders

We know no one ever taught you how to price and you feel like you are winging it.

You want the confidence to price jobs accurately.

We spent years hearing builders say “you win some you lose some” and it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

You can be in control of the profit you make from each job.

This seminar will teach you the theory so you can have a repeatable pricing process to use each time you quote for a client.

Quantity Surveyors are taught a certain theory for a reason, and it is to combat the unknowns as best possible, and to provide a road-map to profitability once the job begins.

We've researched the most common mistakes builders make when it comes to costing and quoting. We solve them with our pricing training.


How long is the seminar?
We run from 9:00am to between 4:30-5pm (depending on how many questions you have!)


What about parking?
Parking is provided at the venue


Can I buy food or is it provided?
All food provided – please let us know dietary requirements


What do I need to bring with me?
Seminar materials all provided – feel free to bring along questions or current pricing you are working on!


Can I add this to my CPD points?
Yes, our workshops officially cover your CPD points requirements for your LBP license.

Your QS IQ Workshop Host & Coach
​​​​​​​Victoria Harrison

Director Red QS - NatDipQS, MNZIQS

Victoria Harrison has been working alongside you providing QS reports with her team for years.

Working heavily in the earthquake recovery in Christchurch, she has spent time on site with builders and truly got to know how you think, and how to extract your incredible problem-solving ability and translate that into pricing exercises.

She knows where it hurts, and she knows why it hurts. Having been frustrated with the lack of support for builders to bridge the gap of knowledge that would make all the difference to a builders bottom line.

Victoria has designed this workshop so that it will fill the gaps and provide builders with the support and learning that they have been looking for with the aim of dramatically increasing your profit by managing your figures.

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