Spending Money Can Hurt


I kind of feel like we are on the home stretch now….. I’m suddenly having to make lots of quick decisions while all the big things like a new roof are happening! Its bloody good fun…. I think because I understand and can appreciate everything that is going on I revel in it rather than loathe it! Bring on all the dust you like!

I thought it was high time I shared a few of my specific wins… as no doubt you have gathered, being a QS spending money physically hurts! We have had to pack in a lot of things during our renovation simply because the house was in such a state when I bought it. My theory is by taking the opportunity to do everything that I can now, it will mean the next few decades of maintenance should be a breeze!

House Reno #10

Research Can Save You

I am ALWAYS in cost-saving mode, we have had a very strict budget to meet so I have had to use ALL of my bargain finding powers. Below are a few of my best deals, they might be useful ideas for the next time you are having a cost engineering conversation with your clients to help them with their budget so you can get that contract across the line!

-          The kitchen…. I stole an extra room because I LOVE to cook, and it was just a better use of space. In the end, we had 37 joinery units….. the average house has around 10. To afford a big kitchen, I went to my best buds at Kitchen Express (make sure you ask for Rick!!) who made all the cabinetry for me in a really cost-effective glossy white. It was more cost-effective than going through a merchant even, and I got exactly what I needed rather than having to adhere to specific cabinetry sizes off the shelf. For the benchtops, I went to a merchant and bought a bunch of their hardwood premade tops…. Cheap as chips! My awesome brother in law fitted them for me…. It cost a max of $500 for the lot!

-          I’m a real fan of stone… and I found out that when you buy some granite for a benchtop, you actually buy the whole sheet. So…. I worked out how many things I could get made out of one sheet, AND made sure I asked for all of the leftovers that otherwise might have been put in a skip. BOOM, stone tops for the laundry and powder room, and leftovers for the outdoor BBQ area!

-          I’m definitely a bit of a magpie… I like sparkly things! I have become a frequent flier on the Eden Lighting website. Instead of paying a fortune for pretty sparkly feature lights, they have amazing parallel imported lights that are all NZ friendly. Win! I also managed to wrangle an awesome deal on a chandelier for my stairwell for a fraction of the RRP because it was a floor model from Lighting Plus.

-          There are lots more, but also generally we have made the most of supplier discounts, such as those you find via the CBS Co-op that we are national suppliers for. They add new suppliers all the time and have wicked discounts that give you group home trade pricing. Score!!!

Just a few real-life examples for you….. and there is plenty more where that came from!

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