Unwrapping the House

I was starting to wonder if I would EVER see the light of day through my windows again… but lo and behold…. The wrap and the scaff are almost all down….


I said to someone I was going to sit in the middle of our cul-de-sac on a deck chair with a brolly to watch… but to be fair it would have got a bit cold and wet because we are in our second week of it being removed and it's still not quite all down yet!


It’s a bit weird I have to say, and very WHITE. Almost need sunnies to look at it! But then again that’s probably more to do with the fact that that the old cladding was a grubby old stucco finish. Also, do I need more of an excuse to buy plants??? Sure I do!!!! Nice tall ones now LOL.


I was thinking about the journey we have had to get this far…. And to be fair we still have a journey to go finishing the inside. Its been far bumpier than even I would have expected and throwing a pandemic in the middle certainly didn’t help! On paper it looked really simple, a re-roof, a re-clad, a small extension out the back. We had full working drawings, everything should have gone swimmingly. However, between tradies ghosting us, pandemics, Christmas shutdowns, issues getting the PS4 for the wrap holding us up, some people being plain unreliable with horrific communication and some being AMAZING. Let’s just say I have learned a lot and I thought I had already seen plenty!

Home Reno #11

What our Tags should have looked like

Cost-wise, the delays we have had have increased the spend significantly. To be fair, the delays we have had here are pretty common for any renovation, and I wonder how any builder would have got on if they had of attempted a fixed price contract for a job like ours? We pretty much had everything go wrong that I would have told you guys to tag out for. So, what should our tags have looked like?


  • No allowance for delays on site due to client managed subcontractors, any delays will be oncharged at a day rate of XXX
  • It is assumed we have full access to all facilities, including power, water and toilet facilities
  • No allowance to protect or repair soft landscaping, however, all possible care will be taken
  • No allowance to protect or remediate the driveway
  • Daily cleaning will consist of a full sweep/internal vacuum of dust each day and a tidy up of external rubbish each evening
  • The hours of work we expect to have access to the property will be 7.30 am-5 pm Mon-Fri unless otherwise requested.
  • Any cost increases due to force majeure will be passed on to the client by way of a variation
  • Material costs will be passed on with a margin of X
  • Labour only billing will be sent each week on a Friday and our payment terms are XXX. Timesheets will be supplied alongside a project management statement providing details of the work to be completed for the next week.
  • Any inspection dates will be provided with a minimum of one weeks’ notice


Oh, I could go on and on……… and usually do!