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Paul Watson
National Sales Manager

Our aim is to connect those who need our services with the best person for the job - and only when you need us.

We all know how busy you are, and that you are time-poor at the best of times. Long days on site, and late nights costing up jobs that haven't even come to fruition yet.  The reason RedQS exists is purely to help you reduce your on and offsite workload so you can focus on the job at hand and bring home the bacon.

Red QS is made up of contract Quantity Surveyors all across Australasia. Our Head Office is based in Christchurch New Zealand but we work on projects across both New Zealand and Australia.

With a diverse pool of skill, we have the right people for the job at the right time. As a Quantity Surveying company, we have a range of clients. We work within all facets of the building industry and listed here are just some of the services we offer.

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Quantity Surveyor In Auckland

For a quantity surveyor in Auckland, look no further than our expert team at Red Quantity Surveying. Our friendly, experienced and dedicated team are here to ensure that builders and SMEs across Australia and New Zealand have access to the surveying service they need.

We are truly unlike any other quantity surveying company out there. We connect you with experts in their fields, part of our wide network, and ensure you get the precise quantity surveying services you need. We don’t take over your project but provide you with all the pricing and measuring support you need to do it right.

Find Quantity Surveyors In Auckland

One of the most important services we can offer is helping you maintain an accurate budget.

If you have a fixed price contract (which is most of the time) and the build goes over budget due to the builder not pricing something correctly, then the client can’t be charged for it. The client will only be charged extra if there is a variation they request.

We help you create a clear roadmap to the completion of the project and measure all labour required for a project. We consider the price of materials, labour, contracting, and other work to ensure that every budget you give to a client is accurate and achievable.

With our custom packages and ongoing support, you can rely on us just like your clients can rely on you. We believe in helping SMEs maintain the best possible relationship with clients. That starts with accuracy and ends with a professional finish.

Ongoing Support and Education for Builders

Our quantity surveyors in Auckland go beyond our admin and quantity surveying services, Red Quantity Surveying does something really special.

We learned from our very first year in business that companies thrive when they have the right tools. Our resources and team are the tools you need to grow, and we make ourselves available to you at all times. With ongoing education and support for builders and SMEs, we are helping construction operations and teams across Australia and New Zealand be the best they can be.

Whether you’re starting a new construction business, or you’ve been operating for years, our expert team provide measuring, costing and pricing assistance that is valuable to both you and your client. Work with us on a long-term basis and we’ll provide ad-hoc services and collaborate with you to help build up your own expertise and abilities.

Our passion is helping SMEs and builders be their best, and our ongoing educational and support services allow us to do that.

Get a Free Quote For Quantity Surveyors In Auckland Today

Start your journey with Red Quantity Surveying today. Forward us a copy of your plans and we’ll provide a free quote for either full or partial quantity surveying services. We’ll work with you every step of the way, ensuring our services are tailored to your needs, and helping you learn new skills. Get in touch today and we’ll ensure your building projects go off without a hitch, and you maintain the best relationships with your clients.

Red Quantity Surveying provides quantity surveying services all across New Zealand. We can help you with estimating building costs and residential quantity surveying. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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Quantity Surveying Services For Australian & New Zealand Builders, Tradies & Home Owners

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