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Paul Watson
National Sales Manager

Our aim is to connect those who need our services with the best person for the job - and only when you need us.

We all know how busy you are, and that you are time-poor at the best of times. Long days on site, and late nights costing up jobs that haven't even come to fruition yet.  The reason RedQS exists is purely to help you reduce your on and offsite workload so you can focus on the job at hand and bring home the bacon.

Red QS is made up of contract Quantity Surveyors all across Australasia. Our Head Office is based in Christchurch New Zealand but we work on projects across both New Zealand and Australia.

With a diverse pool of skill, we have the right people for the job at the right time. As a Quantity Surveying company, we have a range of clients. We work within all facets of the building industry and listed here are just some of the services we offer.

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Quantity Surveyor In Christchurch

Red Quantity Surveying is much more than a quantity surveyor in Christchurch. We are an all-encompassing quantity surveying company that aims to connect you – SME builders and businesses – with professionals who can help you perform the most timely, cost-efficient building project possible. We don’t take on every pricing job you have, and we don’t take over your whole project. We simply provide the services you need, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Trusted Quantity Surveyors In Christchurch

In its first year, Red Quantity Surveying grew very quickly. Our firm was founded on a desire to help small builders do the best work they could, helping professionals stick to their budgets and work within the parameters their clients outlined. We were committed to helping businesses, and builders do the best work they could, and we were soon being contacted by builders from across Christchurch and beyond.

Today, Red Quantity Surveying provides a comprehensive quantity surveying service, along with unbeatable ongoing support and education.

We know how to think like SME builders, how to protect them from underquoting, and how to help businesses do the best work they can at the right price. Our team of experts across Australia and New Zealand help professionals focus on their strengths and take over the rest.

With our quantity surveying services, you can take your business up a level. We offer remote services that are quick and easy to access, and affordable too.

Quantity Surveyors With Unbeatable, Ongoing Support

Based in Christchurch but offering support, advice and assistance across New Zealand and Australia, our team of experts, are at hand whenever you need to help you beat the stress, plan for unforeseen building works, and keep on budget.

What sets Red QS apart is not just the great prices and convenient services, but the ongoing support and education. We take great pride in our industry knowledge and expertise, and we are committed to ensuring builders and SMEs across New Zealand and Australia have easy access to it.

As well as classic quantity surveying services, our team are available to provide remote assistance and advance at short notice. We aim to be available whenever you need us, by putting you in touch with one of our expert team members. We also have a blog section on our website that offers great insights into how we work, and how you can improve your operational efficiency.

Contact Us For Quantity Surveyors In Christchurch

Delivering for a client is tough when you’re trying to manage issues you’re not experienced with. SMEs and small building operations know how to create, how to repair, and how to provide an excellent service – but it’s easy to fall behind on the details. Red Quantity Surveying is here to help you improve your professional excellence and your efficiency.

If you need quantity surveyors in Christchurch, contact our team today online today, and we’ll be back in touch with all the support and advice you need. Simply tell us your name, email address, and some details about your needs, and you’ll be on your way to reducing expenditure, improving efficiency, and maintaining better relations with your clients.

Red Quantity Surveying provides quantity surveying services all across New Zealand. We can help you with estimating building costs and residential quantity surveying. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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