Renovations at Vic's house

The old saying that the last house builders get onto finishing is their own – I may be an example of a similar scenario for quantity surveyors!

I bought my house 5 years ago in a shocking state in Christchurch. Luckily I can read a set of plans, because there was no way of telling how big the place was from the viewing as most rooms were stuffed to the ceiling from the existing owners!

BUT, the layout and size worked for my little family and it was in a great spot near the kids school so I went ahead and bought it.

Fast forward 5 years, and due to being busy with you lot and trying to sort out earthquake claims, we are now finally embarking on finishing the renovations!

Heres the state of play

Picture this – a 1950s house, originally single storey, with an architectural 1970s second floor extension….. with absolutely nothing touched since then!

We are talking turquoise Axminster carpets, mustard patterned wallpaper, those nasty little brown tiles with grout lines that make your toes curl….. There was even a retro 1970s bar fridge that had been built into the dark brown timber joinery!

So basically the house was at the point where pretty much everything in it needed updating and replacing. And here is where we have found ourselves.

The list of ‘things to do’ consists of, an extension, new roof, repaired cladding, double glazing, replacement drains, new driveway, updated electrical, some new bathrooms, rejig of floor plan, landscaping….. etc.

putting my QS skills to work

Obviously, I have priced this job, and I do have a builder for a husband thank goodness!

However, I’m coming across all sorts of little things that I know come up for you when you are dealing with home-owners renovating.

You know, those niggly little things that can make it a bit hard to price renovations at the start, and can be a nightmare to sort during the process if your client is not completely savvy with the building industry.

Follow this series to see progress updates and examples of these situations, and how I reckon you can try to mitigate them.

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