Pricing for demos

So we have been going for a few weeks now, and have completed the retrofit of the double glazing downstairs (and confused the monkeys out of the cats in the process!).

The hideous drive has been ripped up and we have very efficiently removed the root system blocking up the drains from the firm grip of the neighbours' trees…… It’s definitely demolition time!

Luckily I am able to pay the gentlemen who live under my roof in food to do this grubby job…

However, when you are trying to price for the demolition in your renovation quotes it’s a bit of a different story!

The standard method

I can remember doing this a bunch of different ways.

Sometimes I would simply tender it out to a specialist demolition subcontractor.

Other times I would itemize everything that could be seen on the plans and on other occasions I would come from the perspective of how many days need to be allocated to the task and how many skips might we need etc.

Using the standard method of measurement as a guide ideally, demolition items should be itemised.

The benefit of this is it also creates a ‘make good’ list for your carpentry take off so nothing gets forgotten.

However of course, unless you have viewed the property it may be that items could be missed if you are just going off the plans.

Remember to Self-Check

The best way I think to cover yourself is a self-check.

Generally, my builders instinctively know how long they are likely to need for this part of the work, and how many guys they will need onsite.

If you use the method of itemising everything on the plans and attaching labour hours to each item, get to the end of the list and tally it up and see if it matches what you thought it might be then you know you are likely to be on the right track.

Using the itemising method also helps jog your memory to also ensure you add in any hireage or hoardings that may be needed as specialty items over and above what you would normally need.

Things like mobile scaffold for access, specialty tools, and health and safety items for during the demolition.

Biohazard items also need to be considered….. such as sediment control and slurry machines etc.

Allowing for grey areas

If there are any grey areas at all regarding what you are and what you aren’t doing, make sure that you outline them in your tender letter in as much detail as possible.

Demolition is an area where you are likely to have legitimate variations that you don’t claim for, so don’t be complacent about keeping a really good track on the work being done and how much time you are spending on it.

We are damn good at what we do – Forward your latest plans through to us and we will walk you through how to use the quoting to help you keep your job costs under control.

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