One of those really tough days

Its been a rough few weeks at the reno….. our lovely pup who was the best friend of all the tradies (especially those who would throw her ball!) passed away.

It’s a funny old feeling. Brings up all sorts of things that you don’t necessarily expect.

She was a real sweetie. A boxer collie cross so she was smart, loved her ball, and was very loyal. She was terrified of my cats despite her size (I have a collection of Maine Coon giants). She was soft, and cuddly, and had a huge bark that frequently scared the crap out of any little old ladies walking their white fluffy dogs down our right of way.

I think at the moment, it’s the big bark thing that’s really making me feel strange and sad. She was the most awesome security. I knew that even if it was just me at home and I was asleep upstairs, if anyone even went near a window or tried to break in downstairs, she would be there in a heartbeat to scare them away with her ferocious bark.


She was only 8. An earthquake puppy off a farm. Adored by my kids, and my trusty always-there sidekick who kept me safe and secure. Her adoration of her humans was second to none, she didn’t deserve to go. Poor wee Peanut.

Aside from generally feeling devastated, now I also have to think about house security so much more than I needed to before. I hadn’t really considered it as a cost for our renovations but given we only have building paper up in some places (waiting on consent for part 2!) its suddenly top of mind.

Mid-Reno Site Security

Site security comes in many shapes and sizes… it really depends on the type of project as to how far you go with it. We are living here while renovating, so the things we need to consider are;

  • How secure is the house if we aren’t home?
  • Are we storing materials onsite? Where? Are they secure?
  • Do we have good knowledge of who is coming and going? A reno site can be a busy one when there is a lot going on
  • How does insurance respond to the security requirements? What does the policy say and who is covered by what?

Despite the fact my cats are huge… they are definitely not as off-putting as a big scary bark. We have a big fence at the front, but not securing the back of the house at the moment.

Feeling safe despite the cost

What we need to consider for our site;

  • Further temporary fencing with locks, lockbox perhaps?
  • Security cameras. Luckily these have been wired for but we hadn’t put them up yet.
  • Ensuring all materials are stored in the locked garage.
  • Extra temporary hoardings

Generally all these security items are covered off in your P&G costs, but this is a perfect example of where a situation can change a bit and for the home owners peace of mind (especially after some trauma) its worth going the extra mile to make sure everyone feels safe and secure and there is no more drama than completely necessary

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