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We have builders of all shapes and sizes that we work with. Our clients bring us all types of work: everything from a sketch on the back of a napkin that needs an estimate, right the way through to complicated commercial tenders. Within this range, we also deal with all areas of insurance repairs and rebuilds for any kind of natural-disaster recovery.

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Our subcontractors range in specialities and we have developed a simple system that allows us to quote on their behalf.
Often we are picking up the overflow of work to be priced from them, including tender work. We are pleased to be able to work with as many subcontractors as we do, as this gives us a fantastic global perspective that is beneficial to all of our clients.

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will kenndey builder - qs testimonialWill Kennedy of Kennedy Bros - Riverton, had this to say about RedQS "The massive benefit to using RedQS is there are no unknowns. For us as builders, it is an independent service that helps the clients understand the value of the home."

Like an acid test to see if the homeowner is genuine or not, Will added this "A lot of clients don’t realise how expensive it is to build, even to the minimum standards. People are surprised when we get the full QS report and it gives them a good reality check. If a client isn’t willing to pay two thousand dollars for a QS report, then they won’t be willing to pay for a $390,000 house."

Chris Donnelly Builders _ Renovate New Builds_Nelson_red quantity surveyNelson based builder Chris Donnelly says "Previously I thought cost was an obstacle to using RedQS, but that was because I didn’t understand how to allow for it in my offsite overheads. I also didn’t know previously that there are different services, like materials only, labour only or peer checking of my own pricing, not just the full take off services."

The without prompting he added "I have already been recommending RedQS all over the place!"

Good on ya mate!

loss adjusters

Often we are called upon to help provide estimates and detailed reports of all types, to assist in dealing with disaster recovery loss.
Here we use our experience and knowledge from working within all other areas of the industry to come up with fair and reasonable pricing that is beneficial not only to the loss adjusters we work with but to their clients also.



Our architects use us for initial estimates on concept drawings, right through to full and complete pricing on behalf of their clients. We have had the opportunity to be part of researching costs and alternative methodologies to help keep pricing within the clients' budgets.

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Developers/project management companies

We are in a unique position here at Red QS where we have quantity surveyors highly skilled at not only complicated tender management, but also detailed contract administration.
We are able to look after complex variations and payments claims from start to finish.

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Our private clients have many requirements of us.
Often we are called upon for an independent review of costs relating to earthquakes or other natural disasters.
Not only are we happy to oblige, but we're also able to call upon the experience of our other clients such as builders and subcontractors to back up our findings.
We can present this information as a simple estimate, or as a full detailed written report.
Other requests include estimate pricing of plans for the purposes of finance and self-builds.

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