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M2 costings

Used as a quick Preliminary Cost Estimate to prepare feasibility studies for budgeting. We measure the building floor area and apply an all-inclusive rate based on historic pricing.
Used in situations such as whether the builder is working with the customer from the inception of the project, where there are no plans or concept plans only.
Minimum info required:
Site location, project details (eg: building type, number of rooms, and spec: standard or high.)
Generally, any information available is useful and will help us provide a more accurate cost.

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Element cost estimates

A more accurate cost estimate used to confirm cost-limit/budget. We measure all major elements: floor slabs, walls, ceilings, doors etc per M2 and apply an all-inclusive current market rate to these areas.
Used in situations such as setting the pre-tender budget expectations based on the most accurate project description.
This plan is often used in negotiated contract situations.
Minimum info required:
Sketch design: general layout, building shape, number of stories, cladding type (eg: Colour Steel Roof with brick veneer).

element cost estimate

Forward your plans for a free quote for full or partial quantity surveying services

Click the button to send us an email - remember to attach your plans for quoting.

will kenndey builder - qs testimonialWill Kennedy of Kennedy Bros - Riverton, had this to say about RedQS "The massive benefit to using RedQS is there are no unknowns. For us as builders, it is an independent service that helps the clients understand the value of the home."

Like an acid test to see if the homeowner is genuine or not, Will added this "A lot of clients don’t realise how expensive it is to build, even to the minimum standards. People are surprised when we get the full QS report and it gives them a good reality check. If a client isn’t willing to pay two thousand dollars for a QS report, then they won’t be willing to pay for a $390,000 house."

Chris Donnelly Builders _ Renovate New Builds_Nelson_red quantity surveyNelson based builder Chris Donnelly says "Previously I thought cost was an obstacle to using RedQS, but that was because I didn’t understand how to allow for it in my offsite overheads. I also didn’t know previously that there are different services, like materials only, labour only or peer checking of my own pricing, not just the full take off services."

The without prompting he added "I have already been recommending RedQS all over the place!"

Good on ya mate!

fully tendered jobs

We take the approved design and ask the subcontractors to provide a price based on this design. We generally will measure carpentry works: ie: timber and concrete.
Used where a fixed price has been requested, with or without contract documents.
Competitive pricing is assumed with advice given accordingly by the QS, to ensure the pricing matches the marketplace.
Minimum info required:
Complete design ie: tender/working drawings and specifications. Red QS can source quotes directly from subcontractors or to save time and fees, the client can supply these direct.

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Materials or labour schedules

We measure all labour required for a project, allowing for attendance on sub-trades and preliminary and general trades as directed by the client.

Materials schedule will be used for ordering supply items for the project. Labour schedule will be used when a client has been asked to supply a labour-only price for a project.
Labour constants will be applied to all items required to calculate.
Minimum info required:
Complete design or working drawings.

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Contract admin services

This is generally post-contract work once the project is live. This could consist of processing progress-claims, variations, extension of time, etc.
Minimum info required:
Check with QS. Generally a signed copy of the contract, including tender summary breakups. Copy of an earlier progress claim. This work is usually on a charge-up basis.

contract admin service

Peer reviews & custom packages

We are happy to review pricing already completed by the builder as a high-level check and to provide feedback or advice.

We're also happy to combine any of the above options in a custom-built package to accommodate the needs of your clients.

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